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The first half of that sentence was famously uttered by George Leigh Mallory in 1924 as he prepared to ascend the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Sadly, Mallory did not make it down the mountain, but his words are immortalized as the hallmark of determination in the face of challenge. The second half of that sentence is certainly less well known: it’s more of a credo we live by at Paragon Corporate Housing.

So what exactly do we aspire to? Simply put, we aspire to provide our corporate clients and guests an unparalleled level of service and a corporate apartment that allows them to live like they’re home. We strive to achieve that by responding expediently to all
requests, and by providing a boots-on-the-ground team of locals in each of our Northwest markets.

We are a hospitality group first and foremost, so we aspire to bring dignity and respect to all of our relationships. Our corporate apartments offer our own unique selection of furniture and housewares, not a cookie-cutter solution often found with other providers.

But we also aspire to continually challenge ourselves to be better every day, both personally and professionally. In the words of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first to summit Mt. Everest:

I feel that one of the most exciting things in life, unquestionably, is to achieve a big challenge somewhere in the world.

So we’re taking on a big challenge in our corner of the world: an ascent of Mt. Adams, the second highest peak in Washington State! Six members of the Paragon team will meet the weekend of June 27th to climb all 12,280 feet to the summit. For each of us, this is a true challenge: we live in the Northwest, so we like to hike, but this is more than any of us have taken on before!

We invite you to follow this blog as Paragon aspires to greater heights, both on Mt. Adams and in our service to you!

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