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Choose Paragon: Because Ice Belongs In A Freezer…

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Whether its for cooling your drink, or healing a sore back, ice is a commodity we often overlook. Until we’re at a hotel, and the only ice comes from a machine down the hall, and is stored in a bucket where it melts until we dump it out and get more.


Walking down the hall for ice isn’t much of a hardship, until you realize you need some when you’re already in your fuzzy slippers and sweatpants. Or until you want to keep something frozen for more than an hour.


Break out of the bucket brigade and stay with Paragon Corporate Housing, where the ice is in the freezer where it belongs. And the freezer is in refrigerator, in your spacious, private kitchen.


So dig into your secret stash of rocky road. Make a healthy smoothie for breakfast, or ice your coffee as you head out the door. Stay with Paragon, and enjoy all the ice you want without going anywhere.


Visit to learn more about the many benefits of corporate housing, and stay with us on your next trip to the Pacific Northwest.

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