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Choose Paragon: Because Your Waistline Can’t Handle A Month Of Takeout…

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Refrigerator.  Fridge.  Cooler.  Icebox.  Whatever you call it, it has one purpose: to keep your foods and beverages crisp and cool and ready to enjoy.  It’s a staple in any home.

You’re a grown up, not a college student delighted with take-out.  You can cook.  You know how to select produce at the grocery store.  You need real food, with vegetables and fruits, and therefore, you need a fridge.  A month of eating out can render any diet obsolete, and have the buttons on your shirt crying for a break.

So before your belt bears the brunt of your next hotel stay, checkout Paragon Corporate Housing, where you’ll enjoy an entire kitchen, including a full-sized fridge.  Each Paragon apartment is fully equipped for cooking like an adult.

When you’re done cooking, you can dine at a real table, then relax on a real sofa in the living room before you retire to the bedroom for some sleep.  All this, and so much more, for a less than a typical hotel charges.

Paragon’s guests enjoy more space, privacy, and comfort than hotel dwellers.  The parking is reserved, the apartments are clean, the furniture is comfortable.  So ditch the fast food, and stay with Paragon, where you can live like you’re home!

Visit to learn more about Paragon’s suites in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.  If your travels take you elsewhere, you can trust Paragon to simplify your travel plans via our alliance of affiliate corporate housing providers around the world.

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