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Choose Paragon: Because Traveling With Your Kids Should Be Fun…

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They’re the light of your life, your reason to smile, and the reason you keep going.  Your family deserves the best, and relocating them is never easy.

Relocating is even harder when your first few weeks are spent in the close quarters of a hotel room.  Sharing beds, bathrooms, and personal space is a recipe for an unhappy family.  You’ll be itching to get out of that hotel as soon as possible, and no one wants to be rushed when choosing a new home.

At Paragon Corporate Housing we have the cure for your relocation stress.  We’ll give your family the temporary home  they deserve in one of our spacious, comfortable, fully furnished apartments.  Paragon gives you the perfect base to explore your new surroundings, whether you need one bedroom, or three.

We’ll work with your budget, set up an apartment how you need it, and even bill your company directly.  We’ll make sure your kids have twin-sized beds to snuggle in to, and never will your spouse have to go to the laundromat.  You’ll have your meals at your own dining table, not a restaurant (unless you want to, of course).  And best of all, you’ll have space to spread out and relax.

Just bring your kids and your clothes, and stay with Paragon, where you can live like you’re home!

Visit to learn more about our apartments in Boise, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and the Tri-Cities.  If your new home is somewhere else, we have a nationwide network of partners so we can help you find the perfect temporary home.

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